Fuel Injection and Spray Physics

Time-Resolved Micron-Scale Drop Sizing in Diesel Sprays

  • Predictive spray models are critical to the advancement of high-efficiency clean combustion. Current models are not predictive due to a lack of data resources for development and validation.
  • Field measurements of atomization in high-pressure fuel sprays have not been achieved in literature.
  • Collaboration with the Advanced Photon Source at Argonne to measure time-resolved drop-size fields in diesel sprays using an x-ray sychrotron.
  • Currently developing an infrared absorption diagnostic to measure the time-resolved drop-size field in diesel sprays at GA Tech.
Poursadegh, F. et al. “An extinction-based technique for high-pressure spray field quantification”, Proceedings from ILASS-Americas 2019

Ultra High-Resolution Time-Resolved Imaging of Fuel Spray Atomization

  • Fundamental understanding of spray atomization is needed to advance high-efficiency direct-injection clean combustion strategies. Atomization physics are not fully understood because primary atomization has never been successfully imaged in engine-relevant fuel sprays.
  • Engine-relevant sprays atomize at very high speed and at extremely small scales - on [O] ~ 600 m/s and [O] ~1 mm. This is beyond the resolution capabilities of commercially-available imaging equipment.
  • We developed a state-of-the-art, 6K, 10 Million fps imaging system capable of resolving primary atomization in diesel sprays for the first time.
Maassen, K. “Novel Color-Coded Pulse-Burst Microscopy System for Ultra-High Spatially- and Temporally-Resolved Imaging of Primary Atomization in Engine-Relevant Diesel Sprays”, January 2020