What We Do

Combusting sprays exhibit a complex array of physics. Experimental study of these problems lies at the intersection of multiple topics, including turbulent multiphase fluid mechanics, chemistry, thermodynamics, and optics.

  • Liquid fuels are important energy-dense resources, but we must act urgently to mitigate the environmental impacts associated with them.
  • Our research supports the development of high-efficiency clean combustion applications, especially those using liquid fuels.
  • We develop advanced optical techniques to measure multiphase combustion physics at challenging application-relevant conditions.
  • The diagnostics developed in our group help elucidate fundamental knowledge gaps to advance efficiency and mitigate harmful emissions.
  • Target applications include advanced direct-injection engines, liquid rocket engines, and other high-pressure and temperature multiphase reacting flows.

Experiments at Engine-Relevant Conditions:High-Pressure and Temperature Spray Chamber

Specific Research Areas