SPhERe Lab

The Georgia Tech Spray Physics and Engine Research Lab

The SPhERe Lab conducts fundamental combustion and spray research to enable improved combustion efficiency and reductions of pollutant emissions in direct-injection gasoline, diesel and alternative fuel engines. We execute our work in a unique tightly-coupled experimental and model-based approach, integrating projects that apply advanced laser diagnostics to probe in-cylinder mixing and combustion processes with projects that utilize these measurements to validate and improve engine CFD models. Following this approach, we seek to accelerate the discovery of unknown spray and combustion physics while advancing the development of robust computational design tools to optimize engines for low emission high-efficiency performance and the use of sustainable fuels. The SPhERe Lab is a part of the Ben T. Zinn Combustion Laboratory at Georgia Tech. For more information about the Combustion Lab, see here


January 2020

Carlos De La Camara has joined the SPhERe Lab as a new graduate student. He received his B.S. in Electromechanical Engineering from the Universidad Pontificia de Comillas, ICAI in May of 2018.

Ken Maassen has successfully defended his Masters Thesis, entitled "Novel Color-Coded Pulse-Burst Microscopy System for Ultra-High Spatially and Temporally Resolved Imaging of Primary Atomization in Engine-Relevant Diesel Sprays".

October 2019

Ken Maassen presented a talk entitled, "Spectral Microscopy Imaging System for High-Resolution and High-Speed Imaging of Fuel Sprays" at ASME ICEF 2019 in Chicago, Il.

June 2019

Conner Godbold has joined the SPhERe Lab as a new graduate student. He recently recently received his BS in Mechanical Engineering from University of Tennessee, Knoxville. He is an experimental graduate student with a passion for engine development and spray research.

May 2019

Dr. Farzad Poursadegh presented a talk entitled, "An extinction-based technique for high-pressure spray field quantification" at ILASS Americas 2019 in Tempe, Az.